PHPMyAdmin will redirect to SSL version
June 22nd, 2009 12:57 AET

Impact: Redirect to
Services: PHPMyAdmin
Date: Monday 22 June 2009 @ 13:00 AEST
Status: Complete

As a merchant that processes credit card payments we have to comply with Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). This is a set of security and privacy requirements that all enterprises must follow, this includes specific procedures on how credit and debit card customer data must be stored and protected. To ensure we are PCI compliant and to improve information security for all our clients, we will be making certain changes.

Currently, when you browse to we use DNS to serve the contents of in such a way that your domain is maintained in the address bar of the browser.

Shortly, we will use a SSL certificate to enhance security. However, due to the way SSL works we won’t be able to use the existing method to rebrand phpMyAdmin. For the vast majority of resellers, this will have no effect on you or your client’s experience, however, we are aware that some clients rely upon this service, and we have the following alternatives:

  • The easiest & most cost effective alternative is to use Here you won’t have the expense of purchasing a SSL certificate. This may require a minor change to your workflow, but still achieves the removal of the Ilisys brand from your offering.
  • A second alternative is to purchase a SSL certificate for a rebranded instance of phpMyAdmin. This method requires a little more work and expense.

Some resellers may install their own copy of phpMyAdmin into either the customer’s web space, or into your own and remove the current DNS settings in place. We recommend against this as you won’t be using the enhanced security afforded by using a SSL certificate and any transactional data held in your databases will not be PCI compliant.

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