Service outages
June 27th, 2007 17:10 AET

Several Ilisys services had an outage ranging from 20 minutes to 30 minutes at 16:21 AEST today. The following services were effected:

Windows hosting servers NT0 and NT2
Power cluster secure certificates
Some dedicated servers

During this period customers using these servers would have experienced a loss of service to their website. These issues have been resolved now.

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International connectivity issue
June 27th, 2007 16:04 AET

Due to a configuration error at Optus, Ilisys lost connectivity to international networks from 15:05 to 15:55 AEST. Domestic Australian users would not have experienced any issues.

Ilisys apologises for this issue.

To avoid similar issues in future, Ilisys is commissioning a second Tier-1 link from Telstra in the coming week.

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