NT2 windows server issue
February 22nd, 2007 22:38 AET

The NT2 windows server ( is currently experiencing an unscheduled outage. Technicians are working on the problem to bring the server back online as soon as possible.

Update 23:45 AEDT: NT2 has experienced a hardware failure. Technicians are currently working to bring online new hardware as soon as possible.

Update 3:08 AEDT: The new hardware for the NT2 windows server has been brought online. Websites on the NT2 server were restored from a backup dated 4:00am EDT 22/02/07 and were back online at 2:36 AEDT.

Update 23/2 16:00 AEDT: Issues with .Net sites were resolved this morning around 10:30 AEDT, issues with SSL/secure sites and with MSXML/SOAP were resolved this afternoon by 15:50 AEDT.

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