Secure1 server upgrade
November 20th, 2006 13:03 AET

At 19:00 AEDT Tuesday 21 November there will be a short outage of 5 minutes on the Secure1 webserver. This outage will involve switching to new hardware as well as updating the software and operating system.

Update 21/11 20:00 AEDT: The upgrade for the secure1 server is now complete. The total outage was a period of 9 minutes between 19:23 and 19:32 AEDT.

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Email forwarding to Bigpond blocked
November 18th, 2006 19:04 AET

Intermittently, Bigpond are blocking our main delivery mailservers and some email being forwarded from Ilisys email accounts to Bigpond email addresses is being delayed.

The issue is at Bigpond and we have emailed their postmaster regarding this. We will update this status report when we have heard back from Bigpond.

Update 20/11 12:30 AEDT: Repeated attempts to contact Bigpond by email and webform have not elicited any response. Attempts to call them have been shuffled from one department to another with no responsibility taken or requests to use the webform. We will continue to try, but suggest customers also complain to Bigpond.

Update 20/11 18:00 AEDT: Finally received an email back from Bigpond saying what amounts to “Yes you are blacklisted”. We apologise to all our customers whose email is delayed – we are as frustrated with the process as you are. Email does get through in bursts when one of the servers gets unlisted for a brief time, and we will continue to attempt to get the emails delivered. Again, we suggest you complain to Bigpond.

Update 20/11 20:00 AEDT: One of our delivery mailservers has been unblocked and we’ve routed email via that server. The majority of the backlog of emails for Bigpond addresses has cleared at this time. There is no guarantee that this server will remain unblocked at Bigpond’s servers, however. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Update 21/11 00:05 AEDT: Both our mailservers are again being blocked by Bigpond and email deliveries to Bigpond addresses are again being deferred. We will attempt to contact Bigpond again in the morning but do not hold out much hope of a quick resolution. Ilisys apologises to affected customers.

Update 21/11 13:15 AEDT:  At present, neither of our mailservers are blocked by Bigpond and mail to Bigpond addresses is flowing normally.  We will continue to monitor the situation.

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Sending email from websites is down
November 16th, 2006 23:51 AET

The outgoing mailserver that deals with email sent from websites is currently down. A technician is currently on route to the data centre to address the issue.

Update 17/11 00:45 AET: The mail4 mailserver was rebooted at 00:33 and is now functioning normally.

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Brief mail delay
November 15th, 2006 07:56 AET

A problem with an LDAP server overnight has led to deferral of delivery of some local email. Delivery checks have been changed to use an alternate LDAP server, and mail is now being delivered. New mail has been routed via an alternate mail server and is being delivered as normal, and the backlog of undelivered mail on the first mail server is expected to clear within the hour.

Ilisys apologises for the inconvenience.

Update 15:15 AEDT: Apologies for not updating earlier. Email backlog was cleared by 09:30 AEDT and the issue with the LDAP server was identified and repaired. This was an isolated problem not related to any previous email delays and we don’t expect it to re-occur.

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NT4 rebooted
November 13th, 2006 16:08 AET

The Windows hosting server NT4 ( had to be rebooted to correct some FTP issues. This resulted in a 2 minute HTTP / FTP outage on that server.

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